Saturday, September 10, 2022

Promo posters as seen on "WKRP in Cincinnati" #78

Albums: Electric Light Orchestra - ELO's Greatest Hits (Jet, 1979)
Episode:  Season 4, Episode 7, "Three Days of the Condo"
Original air date: Wednesday, November 18, 1981

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

CD Longbox #38

Madonna (1983)

Exclusive photo courtesy of Dirk Digglinator of the Hambonian Archives.

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Top Jazz Albums on May 26, 1984

Let's take a look at what was topping the various jazz album charts for the week of June 26, 1984.

Cash Box
Radio & Records
Think of One
Wynton Marsalis
Pat Metheny
Modern Times
Steps Ahead
Wishful Thinking
Earl Klugh
Wishful Thinking
Earl Klugh
Pat Metheny
David Sanborn
Think of One
Wynton Marsalis
88 Basie Street
Count Basie
Ghetto Blaster
The Crusaders
Domino Theory
Weather Report
McCoy Tyner
Domino Theory
Weather Report
Ghetto Blaster
The Crusaders
In Performance at The Playboy Jazz Festival
Various Artists
G Force
Kenny G
Modern Times
Steps Ahead
Heavy Heart
Carla Bley
George Winston
Time Exposure
Stanley Clarke
Wishful Thinking
Earl Klugh
In the Heat of the Night
Jeff Lorber
David Sanborn
Steppin' Out
George Howard
Future Shock
Herbie Hancock
G Force
Kenny G
Love Explosion
Tania Maria
Imagine This
Pieces of a Dream
In the Heat of the Night
Jeff Lorber
Scenes in the City
Branford Marsalis

Exclusive MFD meta-analysis of the above charts:
  1. Wishful Thinking (22 pts)
  2. Rejoicing (19 pts)
  3. Think of One (18 pts)
  4. Modern Times (15 pts)
  5. (tie) Ghetto Blaster and Domino Theory (13 pts)
  6. Backstreet (11 pts)
  7. 88 Basie Street (8 pts)
  8. (tie) G Force and Dimensions (7 pts)
  9. In Performance at The Playboy Festival (6 pts)
  10. Heavy Heart (5 pts)
  11. (tie) In the Heat of the Night, Time Exposure, and December (4 pts)
  12. Steppin' Out (3 pts)
  13. (tie) Future Shock and Love Explosion (2 pts)
  14. (tie) Scenes in the City and Imagine This (1 pt)

Warning: the following is extremely self-indulgent and put together only for my own edification. Proceed at your own risk.

So why May 26, 1984? That's the weekend I graduated from high school, so it has a special place in my memories. On that date, I thought I was not only intelligent, indestructible, and immortal, I truly believed I was the jazz expert in our little city, which of course is completely ridiculous. But I had just won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award at school, so I must be the most knowledgeable guy in town, right? Not so fast, idiot teenager. 

So how many of these 20 albums was I even remotely familiar with on May 26, 1984? Turns out only 25%: Think of One (which I owned on vinyl), Modern Times (which I had on a dubbed cassette), Backstreet (which I owned on prerecorded cassette), December (which my father had on vinyl), and Future Shock (because of the video for Rockit). I came to others later and others are still unknown to me. Here's a complete breakdown:

  1. Wishful Thinking, later purchased on cassette then compact disc.
  2. Rejoicing, recently purchased on compact disc
  3. Think of One, owned on vinyl, discarded in early '90s, yet to be replaced.
  4. Modern Times, dubbed cassette later replaced by vinyl purchase, later replaced by CD purchase.
  5. Ghetto Blaster, never owned
  6. Domino Theory, never owned
  7. Backstreet, cassette later replaced by CD.
  8. 88 Basie Street, never owned
  9. G Force, never owned
  10. Dimensionsrecently purchased on compact disc
  11. In Performance at The Playboy Festival, currently own on vinyl and have posted vinyl rip to YouTube.
  12. Heavy Heart, recently purchased on compact disc
  13. In the Heat of the Night, currently own on vinyl
  14. Time Exposure, never owned 
  15. December, later purchased on CD
  16. Steppin' Out, never owned
  17. Future Shock, have mp3 files
  18. Love Explosion, never owned
  19. Scenes in the City, never owned 
  20. Imagine This, have mp3 files
Not a fantastic batting average for a self-proclaimed jazz expert. The business folk would call this a "growth opportunity" and I'll be checking out some of the above in the near future.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Promo posters as seen on "WKRP in Cincinnati" #77

Albums: Magazine ad for Aerosmith - Night In The Ruts (Columbia, 1979)
Episode:  Season 4, Episode 10, "Love, Exciting and New"
Original air date: Wednesday, January 6, 1982