Thursday, January 11, 2018

CD Longbox #27

Spyro Gyra - Catching the Sun (1980)

Exclusive photo courtesy of Dirk Digglinator of the Hambonian Archives.

For more information on the brief life of the CD longbox, go visit The Legend of the Longbox.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

I'm not a big on sci-fi or aliens, but for some reason I bought a package of movie trading cards for this one:

Having hauled these around for 40 years and never looking at them, I've decided to unload them on eBay just to see if I can get 10¢ for them. But isn't this (allegedly) a music blog?

The discofied version of the John Williams theme peaked at #13 on the Billboard pop chart in 1978.

The inferior Meco disco version peaked at #25 on the Billboard chart in 1978.

Today's music education lesson: the hand signs used in the movie are the actual Solfege hand signs for the movie's five note theme motif:

But there was more to November, 1977 than the release of the Close Encounters movie. Here's a reminder as to what was topping the Billboard charts on November 19, 1977.

Top LP
Fleetwood Mac
Hot 100
"You Light Up My Life"
Debby Boone
Soul Album
Soul Single
"Serpentine Fire"
Earth, Wind & Fire
Country Album
Elvis in Concert
Elvis Presley
Country Single
"The Wurlitzer Prize"
Waylon Jennings
Adult Contemporary 
"You Light Up My Life"
Debby Boone
Classical Album
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3
London Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MFD Random Five #27

In which I click the shuffle icon on the iTunes app and listen to the first five songs that pop up from the year 1978.

  1. "Deeper Than The Night" by Olivia Newton-John (1978, MCA)
    This was the second of four singles released from ONJ's 1978 LP, Totally Hot. In an earlier post, here's what I wrote: "Of ONJ's 29 Top 40 hits, this is my least favorite.  (♥Still love ya, Olivia!♥  Call me!☎)" There's just not much to it. However, I don't need much of an reason to post this pic yet again:
    Any excuse to post a picture of me kissing a cardboard cutout in a Vegas gift shop.

  2. "If the Kids are United" by Sham 69 (1978, Polydor)
    A fairly straight-ahead punk song that differs from the norm in two distinct ways: there's a pretty decent guitar solo and a bridge. Sing-along chorus included at no additional charge. All this makes the song closer to 4 minutes in length than the usual punk single two minutes. But even with all that going for it, it's just alright.

  3. "Dance with Me" by Peter Brown (1978, T.K. Disco)
    This thing is catchy as all get-out and the background vocals by Betty Wright take it up a notch. I'm hooked from the opening guitar lick. I'm not gonna write much about this one because it's difficult to type while dancing, just know that this one gets two thumbs up from this guy.

  4. "Whatever's Written in Your Heart" by Gerry Rafferty (1978, United Artists)
    I'll be honest, I didn't like this song for the longest time. However, it's simple beauty has grown on me. The piano playing reminds me of Billy Joel (in a good way) and the harmony vocals? Fuhgettaboutit. Note to self: spin City to City today.

  5. "Copacabana (At the Copa)" by Barry Manilow (1978, Arista)
    I'm a confessed Fanilow and this is the song that got me there. I've told this story before but it bears repeating here: If Even Now wasn't the first album I ever purchased with my allowance money, it was certainly one of the first.  I fell in love with Copacabana after hearing it on a TV variety show about the time Can't Smile Without You was on top of the charts.  My elementary school music teacher had a copy of the album and I begged her to play Copacabana during class. And by "begged" I mean "cried like a little girl lost at the supermarket." Later turned into both a made-for-TV musical and a stage musical.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Promo posters as seen on "WKRP in Cincinnati" #30

Albums: Elvis Costello - Trust (Columbia, 1981), Joe Walsh - There Goes the Neighborhood (Asylum, 1981), Peter Tosh - Wanted Dread & Alive (EMI America, 1981), Stiff Records (1980, see below), The Clash - The Clash (CBS, 1977), The Rolling Stones - Tattoo You (Warner/Atlantic, 1981), The Tubes - The Completion Backward Principle (Capitol, 1981)
Episode:  Season 4, Episode 1, "An Explosive Affair: Part 1"
Original air date: Wednesday, October 7, 1981

Bonus: visible album jacket is RocKihnRoll by The Greg Kihn Band (Beserkley , 1981). The song playing under this scene is "Can't Stop Hurting Myself" which is track 4 on the album.