Monday, February 27, 2017

Billboard's First Top Compact Discs Chart (1985)

Beginning with the June 1, 1985 issue, Billboard magazine began charting Compact Disc sales "compiled from a national sample of retail sales reports." Two CD charts were presented in each issue, one for pop and another for classical.  Here's a look at that very first pop CD chart:

Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Prince, and Pink Floyd each place 2 CDs on this chart.

The final CD chart appeared in the March 31, 1990 issue with Bonnie Raitt's Nick of Time in the top slot.

How close is that initial CD chart to the Billboard 200 album chart for the week of June 1, 1985? I'm glad you asked:

Album CD ChartAlbum Chart
Born in the U.S.A. 13
No Jacket Required 22
Around the World in a Day 31
Diamond Life 45
Like a Virgin 57
Centerfield 613
Dark Side of the Moon 7142
Make It Big 88
Building the Perfect Beast 917
Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack 104
Can't Slow Down 1154
Agent Provacateur 1228
Chicago 17 1349
Songs from the Big Chair 146
Reckless 1510
The Firm 1626
Private Dancer 1718
The Wall 18-
Valotte 1944
Behind the Sun 2041
Break Out 2129
Vision Quest Soundtrack 2236
The Honeydrippers Vol. 1 23-
An Innocent Man 2493
Sports 2559
Fresh Aire V 26-
Purple Rain 2761
December 28167
The River 29196
Face Value 30101

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  1. Love this.

    Curious, I peeked ahead and the following week is when Dire Straits Brothers In Arms hit the chart. Wonder how long it ruled that chart?