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Counting down the Top 17 of '76: Albums #5 - 1

A countdown & overview of my favorite albums from 1976

17 A Secret PlaceGrover Washington, Jr.
16 Hasten Down the WindLinda Ronstadt
15 Bigger Than Both of UsDaryl Hall & John Oates
14 Takin' It to the StreetsDoobie Brothers
13 SpiritEarth, Wind & Fire
12 Song of JoyCaptain & Tennille
11 This One's for YouBarry Manilow
10 Frampton Comes Alive!Peter Frampton
9 Hotel CaliforniaEagles
8 BostonBoston
7 Wings at the Speed of SoundWings
6 Fly Like an EagleSteve Miller Band

A New World Record
Electric Light Orchestra
Jet AL UA-LA679-G
Produced by: Jeff Lynne

U.S. Album Chart Peaks
Billboard Cash Box

Rolling Stone★★★

 U.S. charted singles (Billboard): Pop AC
 Livin' Thing1336
 Do Ya24
 Telephone Line7

Top 3 Tracks
"Livin' Thing"
"Do Ya"
"Mission (A World Record)"

George Benson
Warner Bros. BS 2919
Produced by: Tommy LiPuma

U.S. Album Chart Peaks
Billboard Cash Box

Rolling Stone★★½

 U.S. charted singles (Billboard): PopR&B AC
 This Masquerade103

Top 3 Tracks
"This Masquerade"

Billy Joel
Columbia PC 33848
Produced by: Billy Joel

U.S. Album Chart Peaks
Billboard Cash Box

Rolling Stone★★★½

 U.S. charted singles (Billboard):

Top 3 Tracks
"New York State of Mind"
"Prelude/Angry Young Man"
"Summer Highland Falls"

Silk Degrees
Boz Scaggs
Columbia PC 33920
Produced by: Joe Wissert

U.S. Album Chart Peaks
Billboard Cash Box

Rolling Stone★★★★

 U.S. charted singles (Billboard): Pop R&BACDance
 It's Over38

 Lido Shuffle11

 What Can I Say42683512

Top 3 Tracks
"Lido Shuffle"
"What Can I Say"

Songs in the Key of Life
Stevie Wonder
Tamla T13-00340
Produced by: Stevie Wonder

U.S. Album Chart Peaks
Billboard Cash Box

Rolling Stone★★★★★

 U.S. charted singles (Billboard): Pop R&BACDance
 I Wish11232
 Sir Duke1132
 Another Star3218292
 Isn't She Lovely


Top 3 Tracks
"I Wish"
"Sir Duke"

These are my personal top 17 albums released in 1976.  The following criteria was used on a very slippery sliding scale:
  • How often I enjoyed the album at the time of release
  • How often I've enjoyed the album over the past 40 years
  • Overall quality of the album
The top tracks for each album are solely my opinion and are presented in order of preference.

  • Billboard magazine chart information is available from the Billboard website, the American Radio History archives, Google Books, or any of the wonderful Record Research books.
  • The Cash Box chart information was taken from The Cash Box Album Charts, 1976-1985 (1987).
  • The Rolling Stone ratings were taken from either the Rolling Stone Album Guide or the Rolling Stone Jazz & Blues Album Guide (1999).
  • The Robert Christgau ratings were taken from his comprehensive website

1 comment :

  1. Dirk sez: "Three cheers for the Soft Rock Kid™!!!" All right, all right... Enough of that! • Now three cheers for Dirk as he lists his Top 3 faves from each of your Top 5's!!!

    A New World Record - Electric Light Orchestra
    1) Livin' Thing (It's in "Boogie Nights"... What'd you expect?)
    2) Do Ya
    3) Telephone Line

    Breezin' - George Benson (Dirk's #1 Album of '76)
    1) This Masquerade
    2) Breezin'
    3) Affirmation

    Turnstiles - Billy Joel
    1) I've Loved These Days
    2) New York State Of Mind
    3) Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)

    Silk Degrees - Boz Scaggs
    1) Lowdown
    2) What Can I Say
    3) It's Over

    Songs In The Key Of Life - Stevie Wonder
    1) Isn't She Lovely
    2) Knocks Me Off My Feet
    3) Another Star

    **Drop the mic**