Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bracketology: 1977 singles, Semifinals

Let's see how the quarterfinal match-ups panned out (for me, at least):
  • Quarterfinal #1: And the top seed gets upset in the first round - "Rich Girl" in a landslide. "You Light Up My Life" was the biggest hit of 1977, topping the charts for 10 weeks, but I'd be hard pressed to remember the last time I heard it. And with the shrill string arrangement and awful mix, I'd like to keep it that way. 
  • Quarterfinal #2:  In another runaway, the electric piano, subtle strings, falsetto vocals, and bossa groove of "How Deep is Your Love" beat Babs' chart-topper. There's nothing particularly wrong with "Evergreen," it's just not "How Deep is Your Love." 
  • Quarterfinal #3: The toughest battle of this round. I love the guitar groove in "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" but did I mention that I've heard "Sir Duke" live?
  • Quarterfinal #4:  I was not torn between these two. It would be easy to give all the credit to Maurice White for "Best of My Love" but that would ignore those emotional vocals from the Hutchinson Sisters [pun intended]. That song's intro alone beats the lament about a love triangle from Ms. MacGregor; even the Muscle Shoals group can't help it. Heck, MacGregor doesn't like the song:

    Bronson, Fred (2003). The Billboard Book of Number One Hits. p. 453

Check back for the final round match-up.

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  1. Maybe it's stupid cupid or maybe it's all the scrumptious See's Butterscotch Squares and sour SweeTarts Heart Gummies I've been poking in my face but I'm going with the lush harmonies of the Brothers Gibb and the joyous woh-a-woh's of Best Of My Love.

    You probably couldn't have planned a more appropriate two-fer for Valentine's Day.