Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bracketology: Movie Soundtracks, Finals

Last week, I presented a bracket of 32 movie soundtracks selected from the years 1976-85. Click here for that post and a printable bracket.  What follows are my selections chosen to move on to the championship match-up.

Siskel bracket: While I enjoy watching the Footloose movie more than SNF, I prefer the disco soundtrack of SNF, which contains my all-time favorite disco song, "If I Can't Have You" by Yvonne Elliman. The Footloose soundtrack is strong, but it contains a few stinkers: "Almost Paradise," "Never," and "Holding Out for a Hero" (to be honest, I'm surprised an album with a Jim Steinman song made it this far).

Ebert bracket: I'd be okay with either soundtrack winning this bracket, but I'm giving the edge to Xanadu.  A friend had the FM soundtrack double album and I listened to it all the time (particularly "Your Smiling Face" by James Taylor), but I have quite a few memories attached to the Xanadu soundtrack, which I'm pretty sure I had memorized before I ever saw the movie. I wanted the album badly and mowed somebody's lawn for $10 so I could go and buy it. I probably rode my bike straight from the job to the music store or K-Mart (the only two places in town to buy albums). A few weeks later, I won a KIOX radio trivia contest for naming 5 cities mentioned in the ELO single, "All Over The World." I think I won a t-shirt that I never picked up.

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  1. Given the match ups, your choices were the most logical in my eyes. I love both these albums greatly but my ultimate vote has to go to Saturday Night Fever.