Friday, June 26, 2015

Bracketology: 1985 Adult Contemporary singles, Semifinals

Let's see how the quarterfinal match-ups panned out (for me, at least):
  • Quarterfinal #1: I've already shared this story here, so please forgive the self-plagiarism: Early in the summer of 1985, I ended a 8 month relationship with a much older woman because I wanted to sow some wild oats (actually, I already was doing some sowing which is why I broke it off). The woman's name was Donna, so when "Who's Holding Donna Now?" hit the chart that summer, the lyrics couldn't have been more apropos. It's a great song, written by Westcoast/AOR royalty: David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Randy Goodrum; produced by the incomparable Graydon.
  • Quarterfinal #2: No contest.  Georgie and Andy in a landslide.
  • Quarterfinal #3: The seedings pit two overwrought ballads together in this round.  I'm going to give the edge to Survivor because the opening reminds me of seventies tunes, but truthfully, if I heard either song on the radio, I'd be changing the station.
  • Quarterfinal #4:  I wish Paul Young would go away.  He ruins a perfectly good Daryl Hall song.  On the other hand, the Chicago tune was written and produced by the aformentioned David Foster.

Check back for the final round match-up.


  1. I rise, sir, to defend the Paul Young version of "Everytime You Go Away." IMHO, he found the pop song hiding within the aimless noodling of the H&O original, which is the weakest track on "Voices."

    That said, I'd have voted for "You're the Inspiration" anyway.

  2. I got three for four - not bad. I still think, as the guys above agree, that Paul Young was robbed.