Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bracketology: 1985 Adult Contemporary singles, Quarterfinals

I've created this bracket of the top eight Adult Contemporary singles from 1985 and we'll match them against each other, round by round, until a winner emerges. I hope you'll play along because I'm sure your bracket will turn out differently from mine. Singles and seedings taken directly from the December 28, 1985 issue of Billboard magazine:

Fill out your bracket(s) with your personal favorites and check back for the semifinal round.


  1. My picks: DeBarge, Wham!, Survivor and Paul Young.

  2. Love the tragic DeBarge family but this is a weak song. Going with Cherish.
    Not a fan of Phil's ballads unless they are titled "Take Me Home". Going with Michael.
    Survivor doesn't live up to their name this time as Billy wins.
    And Paul Young takes the fourth heat.

  3. "I'm sure your bracket will turn out differently from mine." Truer words were never spoken, my friend (especially when you see my #4 pick). Well, here goes nothin'...

    #1: Who's Holding Donna Now — (My 2nd favorite DeBarge song; after 1983's "I Like It").
    #2: Careless Whisper — (Hands down, my favorite song of 1985).
    #3: Suddenly — (Not a great match-up here, so I'll go with the lesser of two evils).
    #4: Everytime You Go Away — (Perhaps therapy will one day get you past your hatred of Mr. Young).