Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bracketology: 1985 singles, Finals

The semifinal results are in, and it's an upset special:
  • Semifinal #1: In the first upset, the #1 seed falls to the #5 seed.  While the "Careless Whisper" sax riff is memorable, it can't compare to a Stevie Wonder harmonica solo.  Plus, I'll almost always favor a good dance tune to a ballad (unless we're talkin' about slow jams of '70s soul, but I digress).  It's a mystery to me how "I Feel for You" didn't hit the top spot on the US Pop charts; although it spent 3 weeks atop both the dance and R&B charts.  The songs that kept it from #1?  Another Prince-penned song, "Purple Rain" and fellow bracket members "Out of Touch" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."
  • Semifinal #2:  Speaking of "Out of Touch," #6 takes out #2.  A close match-up, but we all know Daryl Hall has a much better voice than Madonna.  I also prefer the syncopated groove of "Out of Touch" as most songs on the radio back then had a steady eighth-note feel (just compare the bass drum parts of these two songs and you'll see what I mean).  For optimum enjoyment, "Out of Touch" must be preceded by "Dance on Your Knees" but I rarely heard it that way on the radio although the music video included both.  I also enjoy the 7½ minute 12" version of this one.

Check back tomorrow to crown the champion.

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  1. My purple loyalty says one of the best covers of his tunes should win: Chaka Khan and "I Feel For You".