Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bracketology: 1985 singles, Semifinals

Let's see how the quarterfinal match-ups panned out (for me, at least):
  • Quarterfinal #1: No upset here.  The sax solo of the #1 seed easily defeats the #8 seed.  Heck, "Money for Nothing" isn't even the best song on that Dire Straits album.
  • Quarterfinal #2: My dislike for "I Want to Know What Love Is" has already been documented on this blog; it didn't stand a chance.  Boom-Chaka-Laka!
  • Quarterfinal #3: A blue-eyed soul match-up.  While the foppish "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is catchy as hell, I gotta go with Hall & Oates mainly because of the new style of bombastic production they used on that album.  In the spirit of diversity, I'll avoid having two Wham! tracks in the semifinal round; #6 seed upsets the #3 seed.
  • Quarterfinal #4:  For a #2 seed vs. #7 seed, this one is closer than it should be.  I like the laid the back shuffle of the Tears for Fears single, but Nile Rodgers' production and overall danceability help Madonna win in overtime.

Check back for the final round match-up.


  1. Left with that Final Four, "I Feel For You" wins it all. Hands down. Or up in the air like you just don't care.

    That bombastic new production style on the Hall & Oates album courtesy of Bob Clearmountain and Arthur Baker all but buried our boys' natural talents and effectively ended their chart winning streak.

    But you pitted "Out Of Touch" against "Like A Virgin", easily the most annoying song on Madonna's second album. There can be no winner in that match-up - I declare a mistrial.

  2. Want some insight into Dirk? Fabulous, I thought you'd never ask!!

    My love of Madonna is so long-standing that when she first hit the airwaves as a virtual unknown with "Holiday", I thought that she was African-American... True story. Shannon's "Let The Music Play" was all over the radio at that time, as well, and "Holiday" had a lot of the same characteristics to this snot-nosed 14 year old. Didn't have cable/MTV back in the day either, so it took me awhile before I realized that she wasn't an R&B singer, per se, but a bouncy little cheerleader from my home state. That's where it all began for me; and my love affair with her music continues to this day. Big, BIG fan.

    That being said, I have never, EVER liked "Like A Virgin"... "Hate" is a word I rarely use with regard to music, but it comes pretty close to summing up my feelings about "Virgin". Just never hooked its claws into me the way her previous stuff had. I have no rational explanation as to why, either. I do love the rest of the album though, so go figure. Let's just say that it's 'thisclose' to being my "I Want To Know What Love Is" and leave it at that, shall we?

    Other than that little piece of business... "Viva La Bracketology!!"

  3. I am going with the ladies on both counts - Chaka and Madonna.