Friday, October 10, 2014

Bracketology: Little River Band singles, Finals

The semifinal results are in, setting up a fantastic finals round:
  • Semifinal #1:  "Reminiscing" has a sweet trumpet solo; "Cool Change" has a fair-to-middlin' saxophone solo.  Advantage: "Reminiscing."
  • Semifinal #2:  While I like the steady, insistent bass line and the positive message of "Help Is On Its Way," I'm not wild about the bridge and guitar solo.  I like how "Take It Easy On Me" builds slowly from the solo piano, adding vocals, then band, then characteristic LRB background vocals, all coming together in the tight chromatic harmonies at the end of the chorus. Then the upward vocal melody kicks off the bridge and takes everything up a notch.

Check back tomorrow to crown the champion.


  1. Once again, my personal bracket falls short.

    Reminiscing is the only way this could end.

  2. Yup, of the two Reminiscing is the clear cut favorite.