Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bracketology: Little River Band singles, Semifinals

Let's see how the quarterfinal match-ups panned out (for me, at least):
  • Quarterfinal #1:  While I like the blues shuffle of "The Other Guy," this one was no contest. 
  • Quarterfinal #2:  The closest contest in this round.  By a whisker, I'm picking the whale and albatross of "Cool Change" over the pseudo-Latin funk bridge of "Lady."
  • Quarterfinal #3: The harmonies and chord progressions in the chorus of "Take It Easy on Me" get me every time and help that song win in a blow-out.
  • Quarterfinal #4:  When "Lomesome Loser" hit the airwaves in '79, I was an awkward, angst-ridden teenager who often thought of himself as a loser.  I certainly didn't want to reminded that I was a lonesome loser by soft-rockers. I couldn't pick it then and I won't pick it now.

Check back for the final round match-up.


  1. It's gotta be Reminiscing vs Help Is On Its Way in the Final and right now I have them in a dead heat for the coveted belt/cup/title/trophy/gift card. One is ultra lush and smooth, the very definition of soft rock, while the other struts and rocks quite well. Nail biter.

  2. Mark, I hit four for four with you! Wooohooo!

    Gonna go with Herc on this next round: Reminiscing and Help Is On the Way.