Monday, November 18, 2013

Radio Daze: Pop Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 8

The fourth in a series of eleven posts is now available over at Herc's Hideaway.  An imagined Volume 8 of the Radio Daze series covers the months March through July 1982, which would have included my sixteenth birthday.  So when the Markmobile was driven solo (legally) for the first time, one of these songs might have been on the radio.  Here are the 12 tracks Herc selected for Volume 8:

Title Artist
Shanghai Breezes John Denver
Let's Hang On Barry Manilow
Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) Elton John
Personally Karla Bonoff
Just Another Day In Paradise Bertie Higgins
Did It In A Minute Hall & Oates
Any Day Now Ronnie Milsap
Man On Your Mind Little River Band
Do I Do Stevie Wonder
Love Will Turn You Around Kenny Rogers
Sara Bill Champlin
What's Forever For Michael Martin Murphy

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Just for fun, I've decided to rank the 12 songs of Volume 8 in order of personal preference:
  1. Do I Do
  2. Did It in a Minute
  3. Sara
  4. What's Forever For
  5. Let's Hang On
  6. Personally
  7. Any Day Now
  8. Love Will Turn You Around
  9. Man on Your Mind
  10. Shanghai Breezes
  11. Just Another Day in Paradise
  12. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)

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  1. Viewers keep asking me to give my opinions on the Radio Daze playlists but I don't want to steal your thunder. Maybe after they are all said and done, I'll chip in my two cents.

    As for your rankings of the songs this time around, we are in agreement except my bottom two would be "Let's Hang On" and "Shanghai Breezes". I'd also slot "Love Will Turn You Around" and "Personally" at three and four. So we're mostly in agreement.