Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Ever Albums strongly disagrees with me about 1982

Following up on the previous post, I wanted to see how 1982, my favorite year for music, fared in another Best Albums of the 1980's list.  This time, I used the top 100 albums from the fine folks over at  This time, not only did 1982 not top the list, it placed 8th.  8th!  If this nonsense keeps up, I'll have to create my own definitive list (which we all know is coming anyway).  Using the same formula (album #1 received 100 points, album #2 received 99 points, and so on through #100 receiving 1 point, 5050 total points available), here are the results:

Number of albums: 17
Points: 948

Number of albums: 13
Points: 607

Number of albums: 9
Points: 569

Number of albums: 10
Points: 551

Number of albums: 14
Points: 542

Number of albums: 6
Points: 521

Number of albums: 8
Points: 440

Number of albums: 9
Points: 392

Number of albums: 7
Points: 380

Number of albums: 2
Points: 100

The nine albums selected for the list which were released in 1982 are:

 10 Thriller Michael Jackson  December
 32 The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden March
 38 Nebraska Bruce Springsteen  September
 47 The Dreaming Kate Bush  September
 57 Pornography  The Cure May
 67 Avalon Roxy Music May
 77 1999 Prince  October
 90 The Great Twenty-Eight  Chuck Berry  September
 99 Love Over Gold Dire Straits  September

The 1982 albums common to both the Rolling Stone list and the Best Ever Albums list are Thriller, 1999, Nebraska, and Avalon.

Unlike Rolling Stone's list, this list tends to favor the latter half of the decade.  Poor 1981.  I thought it fared poorly on the RS list, but here it only places 2 albums on the list (the Rush album pictured above and Black Flag's Damaged).  Like any opinionated person would, I'll keep looking for a list until I find someone who agrees with me about 1982.

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  1. With a name like Best Ever Albums, one could naturally assume the site would focus on the releases of 1982. Alas, it is a crowd-sourced site and those idjits know bupkus about best ever anything.

    Keep fighting the good fight.