Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bracketology: 1976 Adult Contemporary singles, Finals

The semifinal results are in:
  • Semifinal #1: Ironically, "I Write the Songs" was not written by Barry Pincus, but he sure hit with it (plus the songwriter claims that the "I" in the song refers to God, but that's a story for another time). 50 year old me thought he was going to choose Simon & Garfunkel, but at the last second, 10 year old me rode a wave of nostalgia to the finals. I'll admit this one coulda gone either way and who doesn't get nostalgic in December?
  • Semifinal #2: This would have made a heckuva final match-up itself. I'm going with ED & JFC because its just so dang smooth. In 1976, I was living among the oilfields of west Texas and, as you can imagine, Southern and country rock was very popular (or country soft rock in this case) and radio program directors force fed me a steady diet of Allman Bros., Eagles, Ronstadt, and ED & JFC (among others) and I didn't mind a bit. 
Your humble blogger around the time these
songs were first heard on the radio,
looking annoyed at having to take
a Cub Scout picture in the back yard.

Unfortunately, Paul Simon went oh-fer-two in this round, but he's still a favorite around these parts (and if you haven't checked out his latest release, you should).

Check back as we crown the champion.

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  1. Lookin' like a Manilow Vs. Manilow showdown to me... SRK sez: "He's the 'Man' either way!"