Monday, October 10, 2016

Yacht Rock Album of the Month: Marc Jordan - Blue Desert (1979)

What is yacht rock? Click here for a pretty good definition and song suggestions. But, with apologies to Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart, I know it when I hear it. So my definition might not meet yours. In fact, it probably won't meet yours. I'd argue the sub-genre of yacht rock started in 1975 with Steely Dan's Katy Lied, but for purposes of this series of posts, I'm going to stick to the years 1976-82. If you're okay with all this arbitrariness, here's the Yacht Rock Album of the Month for October, 2016:

Released: 1979 (Warner Bros.)
Produced by: Jay Graydon
Peak on the US Billboard 200: Did not chart
Peak on the Cash Box 200: Did not chart

Side One Side Two
I'm a Camera
From Nowhere to This Town
Beautiful People
Lost in the Hurrah
Release Yourself
Tattooed Lady

Vocals, Songwriting - Marc Jordan
Bass - Abraham Laboriel
Drums - Ralph Humphrey, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner
Keyboards - Michael Omartian, Greg Mathieson, Jay Graydon
Electric Piano - Dave McMorrow
Lead Guitar - Jay Graydon
Rhythm Guitar - Dean Parks, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather, Jake the Rake (aka Jay Graydon)
Saxophone - Ernie Watts, Pete Christlieb
Flugelhorn - Chuck Findley
Harp - Ben Beney
Backing Vocals - Vennette Gloud, Bill Champlin, Marcy Levy, Bobby Kimball, Tim Kelly, Carmen Twillie

Billboard, September 29, 1979, p. 66
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  1. Really digging this feature though doling out them out at the rate of one a month is not very satisfying. But we both know I have a problem.

    Though there are a few more mainstream yacht rock albums, it is discovering the ones that failed to chart like this one and Airplay you've featured thus far that help define and expand the yacht rock genre for those of us weaned on Top 40 radio.

    Keep 'em coming please and have a Happy YAHCTOBER!