Monday, November 23, 2015

Promo posters as seen on "WKRP in Cincinnati" #9

Albums: Herb Alpert - Rise (A&M, 1979), Foreigner - Head Games (Atlantic, 1979)
Episode:  Season 2, Episode 21/22, "Filthy Pictures"
Original air date: Monday, March 3, 1980


  1. Is this the episode where Jennifer poses in swimuit and photographer snapped pics of her changing? Just guessing from the episode's title.

    Watching it as a horny 14 year old, I was more than a little turned on. It was one of the first episodes I sought out when I acquired the series on DVD.
    But watching it thirty-five years later as both a parent of young girl and husband of a gorgeous woman, I was more than a little sickened. But watching Loni Anderson in slo-mo made me feel better.

    1. You are correct, sir. An hour episode originally, it was split in half for syndication.