Friday, October 9, 2015

Spys - She Can't Wait (1982)

She Can't Wait

Written by: Spys
Produced by: Neil Kernon
Album: S·P·Y·S (EMI, 1982)

At my buddy Jim's place in 1982, I saw the video for this song:

The video certainly wasn't in heavy rotation, but I liked the power pop I was hearing.  On my next trip to Sound Warehouse, I found the album, held it in my hands, and for some reason put it back in the rack (probably because of the unappealing album cover - I was 16, my standards were inexplicable).  My mistake.

Fast forward 33 years and the song somehow enters my subconscious again.  Thanks to streaming music and videos, I quickly become reacquainted through joyous, loud, repeated listenings.  I went to my crack staff and asked if the song had ever been released as a single.  They could find no evidence of a single release, with only one mention in Billboard magazine:

So no single release but a video was produced. How '80s!

How deep is this album cut?  I tried searching for lyrics online and couldn't find any. Anyhoo, this power pop gem is all about a girl who can't wait to see her Romeo (or any guy, for that matter). Ladies, this how guys would like for you to behave; however, my personal high school dating experiences prove otherwise <sad trombone sound>.  The bridge on this song could be stronger but that's picking at nits.  The guitar solo sounds like it's lifted straight from a Cars album.  I'm happy to rediscover this one (although my wife has already stated that she's tired of my "joyous, loud, repeated listenings."

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  1. Great cut, from a great album. Pegged it way up at #49 on my 100 Favorite Albums of 1982 in March 2014.

    Curious as to why the label financed a video but held off on a single.

    Never saw the vid on MTV - glad you did.