Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top 40 singles, 1976-85: Z

In a previous post, I listened to some singles in alphabetical order by title.  As I was mentally putting together another such list, I was stumped as I got to the letter K.  So I consulted my reference materials and found that there's not many Top 40 singles during 1976-85 that start with that letter. Find that post here.

Faithful reader (and wiseacre) Dirk Digglinator then let me know he was ready to look at Z.  So here ya go, Dirky, complete with a playlist:


Nada. Nix. No dice. Goose egg. Go fish. (Two can play at the wiseacre game). 

So they'll be no complete "Alphabetical 45-Fest" here at the blog, sadly.  (Unless we use artist name instead of titles?  Hmmmm......)

But wait, there's more! During the years 1976-85, no songs whose title begins with the letter Z even cracked the Hot 100. Here's a list of all the 'Z' songs that hit the Hot 100 between the years 1955-1999: