Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Top 40 singles, 1976-85: K

In my previous post, I listened to some singles in alphabetical order by title.  As I was mentally putting together another such list, I was stumped as I got to the letter K.  So I consulted my reference materials and found that there's not many Top 40 singles during 1976-85 that start with that letter:

Karma ChameleonCulture Club 1984
(Keep Feeling) FascinationHuman League1983
Keep It Comin' LiveKC & The Sunshine Band1977
Keep Me Cryin'Al Green1977
Keep On Loving YouREO Speedwagon1981
Keep the FireKenny Loggins1980
Keep the Fire Burnin'REO Speedwagon1982
Keeping the FaithBilly Joel1985
Key LargoBertie Higgins1982
Kid's AmericanMatthew Wilder1984
Kids in AmericaKim Wilde1982
Killin' TimeFred Knoblock & Susan Anton1981
Killing of GeorgieRod Stewart1977
King is GoneRonnie McDowell1977
King of PainThe Police1983
King of the HillRick Pinette & Oak1980
King TutSteve Martin1978
Kiss and Say GoodbyeThe Manhattans1976
Kiss in the DarkPink Lady1979
Kiss Me in the RainBarbra Streisand1980
Kiss On My ListDaryl Hall & John Oates1981
Kiss the BrideElton John1983
Kiss You All OverExile1978
Knock On WoodAmii Stewart1979
Knowing Me, Knowing YouAbba1977
KyrieMr. Mister1985

That's it. 1% of the 2235 Top 40 hits during that time period.  Rank my top 5?  Sure!
5.  Knowing Me, Knowing You
4.  Kids in America
3.  Kiss On My List
2.  (Keep Feeling) Fascination
1.  Kiss and Say Goodbye


  1. Put me down for Kids In America, Keep On Loving You, Kiss You All Over, King Tut, Key Largo, King Of Pain and Kiss And Say Goodbye.

    That's five, right?

    (Prince's Kiss would make the list too if YFD included 1986.)

    1. No sooner did I click Publish then those drums heralded the arrival of Amii Stewart and her thunder and lightning rework of Knock On Wood on my Burnt Ends playlist. Put me down for that one, too, please.

    2. Herc, that's actually seven. ;)

  2. Some good stuff here. My top five of this group (in no particular order): Karma Chameleon, Key Largo, Kids In America, Kiss On My List, and Knock On Wood.

  3. We all gotta' do a Top 5 now? O-"K" then, here's Dirk's list (for today, anyway):

    5) Kyrie (Whoops, that peaked in '86, now didn't it? Oh well, I'm keeping it on the list)
    4) Key Largo
    3) Keep It Comin' Love
    2) Knock On Wood
    1) (Keep Feeling) Fascination