Friday, February 13, 2015

Yet another insert in the Sgt. Pepper soundtrack album (1978)

If you had this soundtrack on 8-track, you really missed out.  The 2 LP set came with this 22" x 33" poster featuring a drawing of the Lonely Hearts Club Band riding/lounging/posing on an oversized tuba-ish instrument with strawberries in its bell.  LHCB in the sky with berries.

Soundtrack ad from the August 24, 1978 edition of Rolling Stone:


  1. "The Poseidon Adventure" & "Towering Inferno" had nothing on the 'Sarge'... Stigwood & RSO set the template for disaster films without ever realizing it. Just a shame they never put as much thought into the movie itself, as they did the elaborate soundtrack packaging.

  2. Dave Marsh on its double platinum success: "P.T. Barnum was right and euthanasia may have untapped possibilities."