Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sgt. Pepper movie bubble gum cards (1978)

You can view the entire 66 card series from Donruss here. The following cards are from the my personal archives; I evidently just bought the one pack. The brittle stick of gum isn't still around, but knowing me, I promptly ate it back in 1978.

Pros: I got cards with Billy Preston and the Future Villains (sans Aerosmith)
Cons: I got cards depicting the funeral procession for Strawberry Fields and Sgt. Pepper's heart attack. You know, for kids.

When placed in the correct order, the back of the cards formed some sort of picture, but I've been unable to find a photo or scan of that complete mosaic and I'm not looking to purchase the rest of the set, so I'll leave it alone.

Movie review the August 24, 1978 edition of Rolling Stone:

click to enlarge

If you'd like to read the RS review of the soundtrack, it is transcribed here.  Robert Christgau gave it a D+, allmusic gave it just ★, but the most thorough panning comes over at The Worst Albums Ever blog.  You can love to hate it all you want, but how can it be all bad when it gave us Earth, Wind, & Fire's version of "Got to Get You Into My Life"" which remains one of the best Beatles covers of all time.

And before you ask, yes, I had the paperback novelization of the movie as well.  Alas, my well-worn copy of that book has gone on to the landfill that great library in the sky.


  1. Mark, I owned the vinyl, likely some packs of the cards and definitely the paperback book. All long gone sadly. I do, however, I have the CD and the DVD. Yes, it is a cheese-fest, but I love cheese.

  2. I had the album as well, but only after being available at Safeway. What was the story, one million shipped, 985,000 returned, or something that bad? Anyway, the album was sold at supermarkets and they couldn't even sell there. I never saw these cards and I'm sure I would've bought a few, despite the movie not being that good.