Saturday, November 8, 2014

AC hits of Captain & Tennille 1976-1985

During the years 1976-1985, the pop duo Captain & Tennille scored 11 hits on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.  Here's a breakdown table, including year, peak chart position, and number of weeks on the AC charts. The table is followed by a Spotify playlist to help you determine how many tunes you remember.  If you include the duo's two #1 AC hits from 1975, they hit the top spot on the AC chart with 5 consecutive singles.

My sister was a huge C&T fan and because she was older than me, she usually got to choose what LPs we listened to around the house.  As a result, I know the words to every C&T song released between 1975-1980, including this one.  She was such a big fan that she talked our father into taking her to Dallas (350 miles each way) to see them in concert around 1977 or '78.

The obvious talent here was Toni Tennille who had some great chops.  I recently saw her on a rerun episode of The Love Boat and was sorely disappointed that she didn't sing. What were the producers thinking?  If I had to pick a favorite of these eleven tunes, I'd go with "You Never Done it Like That" written by Neil Sedaka, but that's a tough choice, for sure.

1976113Lonely Night (Angel Face)
1976111Shop Around
1976119Muskrat Love
19771210Can't Stop Dancin'
1977811Come In From the Rain
1978611I'm On My Way
19781414You Never Done It Like That
19781712You Need a Woman Tonight
1979417Do That To Me One More Time
1980277Happy Together (A Fantasy)


  1. Interesting to see a couple of their pop singles during that time failed to crossover to AC charts and vice versa:

    1978 I'm On My Way (peak: 74 weeks: 6)
    1980 Love On A Shoestring (peak: 55 weeks: 7)

    The duo had a few more 1980 singles released outside of the US but only one in the US that failed to chart: This Is Not The First Time

    Also interesting to note that my three favorite C&T songs were all penned by Sedaka:

    Lonely Night (Angel Face)
    Love Will Keep Us Together
    You Never Done It Like That

  2. Thanks for this...made me smile this morning. Just to set the record straight, it was Mom who drove me to Ft. Worth to see them in concert. I still remember her trying to cross several lanes of traffic between two exits to get us to the Convention Center. It was a great night!

  3. I always enjoyed C&T - I had their first two albums on vinyl and got their six studio albums from 1975 to 1980 on CD via an affordable box set a few years back. I also am sure I saw every episode of the ABC variety show back in the 70's upon first run. I was very sad when I heard they were divorcing a few years back.

    1. That "affordable box set" you own is out of print and currently selling on the secondary market now for $150+!