Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bracketology: Little River Band singles, Champion

This decision wasn't as tough as it probably should have been.  "Reminiscing" is not only my favorite Little River Band tune, it's one of the great soft-rock songs of the late '70s.  Apparently I'm in good company as John Lennon and Frank Sinatra are reported to have declared their love for it as well; the latter calling in "the best 1970's song in the world."  The laid back groove, the smooth just-off-the-beat vocals, the sublime electric piano, the references to Glenn Miller and Cole Porter, the string and background vocal arrangements, the Bob Venier trumpet solo - it all works for this soft rock kid.

"Reminiscing" peaked at #3 on the pop chart and #10 on the Adult Contemporary chart in late summer/early fall 1978.  For a song this good not to have reached the top spot on at least one of those charts seems almost criminal.

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  1. To surprise of absolutely no one, "Reminiscing" (deservedly) reigns supreme. God bless common sense! – And since I enjoy subjecting the blogosphere to my little lists, I won't resist another opportunity here to offer up "Dirk's Top 5: Little River Band"...

    5) The Night Owls
    4) We Two
    3) Lonesome Loser
    2) Cool Change
    1) Reminiscing