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Counting down the Top 82 of '82: Singles #30 - 21

A breakdown of my top singles from my favorite year in pop music

Do I Do
Stevie Wonder
Weeks in Hot 100: 14
Peaked: July 10
Album: Original Musiquarium I (Tamla)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10013
 R&B 2
 Adult Contemporary 25

Weeks in Hot 100: 8
Peaked: October 16
Album: Upstairs at Eric's (Sire)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10073
 Dance 1
 R&B 31

Eye of the Tiger
Weeks in Hot 100: 25
Peaked: July 24
Album: Eye of the Tiger (Scotti Bros.) and Rocky III soundtrack (Liberty)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1001
 Mainstream Rock1
 Adult Contemporary 27

Jack & Diane
John Cougar
Weeks in Hot 100: 22
Peaked: October 2
Album: American Fool (Riva)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1001
 Mainstream Rock3

Tommy Tutone
Weeks in Hot 100: 27
Peaked: May 22
Album: Tommy Tutone 2 (Columbia)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1004
 Mainstream Rock 1

Hard to Say I'm Sorry
Weeks in Hot 100: 24
Peaked: September 11
Album: Chicago 16 (Full Moon)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1001
 Adult Contemporary1

I Want Candy
Bow Wow Wow
Weeks in Hot 100: 7
Peaked: July 3
Album: The Last of the Mohicans (EP) (RCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10062
 Mainstream Rock22
 Dance 36

Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Weeks in Hot 100: 14
Peaked: September 25
Album: Bad Reputation (Boardwalk)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10020
 Mainstream Rock 21

Don't Talk to Strangers
Rick Springfield
Weeks in Hot 100: 21
Peaked: May 22
Album: Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (RCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1002
 Mainstream Rock 4
 Adult Contemporary 30

Make a Move on Me
Olivia Newton-John
Weeks in Hot 100: 14
Peaked: April 3
Album: Physical (MCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1005
 Adult Contemporary6

These are my personal top 82 singles of those that charted in 1982.  The list is solely my opinion.  Chart information is from the US Billboard charts.  Using Joel Whitburn's book, Pop Annual 1955-1999, I started with the 424 singles that charted on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 chart in 1982.  An initial pass through that list narrowed it down to 116.  Titles of those songs were written on index cards and the listening, ranking, and editing began.  The top 82 are presented here, in order.

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  1. A very solid run of singles presented today climaxing with Miss Newton-John relaxing in a tree.