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AT40, September 18, 1982 [Part 6 of 8]

I recently celebrated a birthday and as a gift received a set of 4 LPs and cue sheets from American Top 40 program #823-12, which was intended for broadcast during the weekend of September 18-19, 1982.  We've already examined the 2½ hours of the show, click below to see those breakdowns:
Disc 1: 1A/4B
Disc 2: 2A/3B
Disc 3: 3A/1B
Disc 4: 4A/2B
Today we finish hour 3 with side 3B.

In each segment, Casey provides us with loads of information about the artists and chart information.  In this particular segment for example, he offers a story of what's happened recently to The Mamas & The Papas.  Casey's staff worked hard to collect accurate information for him, but there's always going to be the occasional mistake.  For example, Casey once remarked that Elvis Presley's Graceland was named after his mother, Grace when her name was actually Gladys.  But mistakes were few and far between and, in the end, it really didn't matter because if Casey said it - I believed it!  He was one of the most trusted voices on radio.  Everything I knew about pop music in '82 came from Casey, reading record sleeves, and two magazines: Rolling Stone and Musician.

Complete cue sheets for this episode are available here.  For reasons of time, AT40 would occasionally shorten songs by removing a chorus or verse, so with each song, I'll give a comparison of the single time to the approximate playing time the song received on AT40 that week. Each side includes 3 segments, which include Casey and music followed by national ads and space for local ads.


This week, Elton John jumps 6 notches to #15.

#15: "Blue Eyes" by Elton John (peaked at #12): single length 3:25/AT40 playing time 3:21

Following up on a tease at the end of the last half hour, Casey answers the question "whatever happened to The Mamas & The Papas?"  The group was somewhat reunited in 1982 with John Phillips and Danny Doherty in their original roles, Mackenzie Phillips taking Michelle Phillips' part and Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane (of Spanky and Our Gang) taking the part of Cass Elliot, who died in 1974.   Because it's a family show, Casey doesn't mention any drug addictions or narcotics charges and calls the group "The Mama, the Papas & The Daughter."

Extra: "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & The Papas (peaked at #1 in 1966): 3:23/3:16

30 second Nestle ad for the $100,000 bar, followed by a 30 second ad for Chewels sugarless gum, followed by 60 seconds of time reserved for local ads.


The next group started out as a trio in London in 1970 and is now a duo based in Los Angeles.

#14: "You Can Do Magic" by America (peaked at #8): 3:55/3:39

Fourth week in row at the same position for this song from the movie Six Pack.

#13: "Love Will Turn You Around" by Kenny Rogers (peaked at #13): 3:35/3:17

Yet another Activision ad for the Pitfall video game cartridge (60 seconds) followed by the same 60 second ad for Frito Lay's $10,000 cash giveaway that aired in the first hour.  No time allotment for local ads.


There are seven recordings acts in this week's countdown who are newcomers to the Top 40 including Men at Work.

#12: "Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work (peaked at #1): 3:20/3:20

Casey recaps Donna Summer's past chart successes: 11 songs in the top 10, 4 made #1.  He then wonders if this will become her twelfth top ten hit (spoiler alert: yes).

#11: "Love is in Control" by Donna Summer (peaked at #10): 3:42/3:19

Ten big hits away from number one!

No national ads. 2 minutes allotted for local ads and 10 seconds for station ID.  End of hour 3.

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