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AT40, September 18, 1982 [Part 5 of 8]

I recently celebrated a birthday and as a gift received a set of 4 LPs and cue sheets from American Top 40 program #823-12, which was intended for broadcast during the weekend of September 18-19, 1982.  We've already examined the two hours of the show, click below to see those breakdowns:
Disc 1: 1A/4B
Disc 2: 2A/3B
Disc 3: 3A/1B
Disc 4: 4A/2B
Today we start hour 3 with side 3A.

Complete cue sheets for this episode are available here.  For reasons of time, AT40 would occasionally shorten songs by removing a chorus or verse, so with each song, I'll give a comparison of the single time to the approximate playing time the song received on AT40 that week. Each side includes 3 segments, which include Casey and music followed by national ads and space for local ads.


Station mentions.  Casey welcomes 8 new stations to the American Top 40 family:
WKAD - Canton, Pennsylvania
WTGA - Thomaston, Georgia
KSIT - Rock Springs, Wyoming
WJRZ - Manahawkin, New Jersey
WIZX - Orangeburg, South Carolina
KILE - Galveston, Texas
WIIZ - Jacksonville, North Carolina
Radio St. Lucia - West Indies
#21: "I Keep Forgettin'" by Michael McDonald (peaked at #4): single length 3:42/AT40 playing time 3:29

Tease: a member of Crosby, Stills, & Nash has a second career totally unrelated to music.

This segment wraps with the fourth airing of the 30 second Activision ad for the video game cartridge Pitfall, followed by 90 seconds of time reserved for local ads.


#20: "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" by Jermaine Jackson (peaked at #18): 3:45/3:30

Casey tells the story of Graham Nash's love for photography.  He buys and sells prints as well as putting together exhibits of his collection.

#19: "Wasted on the Way" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash (peaked at #9): 2:52/2:45

Casey tells us the previous song was the biggest dropper in the countdown, falling 10 notches.

30 second ad for "improved flavor" Trident gum, followed by a 30 second spot for Midol (use only as directed), followed by 60 seconds of time reserved for local ads.


To date, Jackson Browne has hit the Top 40 seven times, including one in the top 10: "Doctor My Eyes" peaked at #8 in 1972.  Here's his 8th Top 40 hit.

#18: "Somebody's Baby" by Jackson Browne (peaked at #7): 4:02/3:53

Station mentions over the intro to the next song:
WAUC - Wauchula, Florida
WEGP - Presque Isle, Maine
KEYN - Wichita, Kansas
#17: "Only Time Will Tell" by Asia (peaked at #17): 4:05/3:56

After 3 straight weeks at #17, the next song moves up a notch this week.

#16: "Think I'm in Love" by Eddie Money (peaked at #16):  3:10/3:04

Tease: After playing a clip from "Monday, Monday," Casey poses the question: whatever happened to the Mamas & The Papas?  Details coming up.

30 second recruiting spot for the U. S. Navy. 90 seconds allotted for local ads and 10 seconds for station ID.

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