Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Q - Dancin' Man (1977)

Dancin' Man
b/w Love Pollution

Released: March, 1977 (Epic)
Written by: Robert Peckman
Produced by: Q
Album: Dancin' Man

Note: when I label a song a "Lost AT40 Single," I'm only speaking for myself.  Your mileage may vary.

So I'm listening to a rerun of the American Top 40 broadcast from May 7, 1977 and Casey Kasem comes out of a commercial break and introduces this song.  As he's talking over the introduction, I get very confused and think I'm listening to Rachel Sweet's cover of B-A-B-Y, but when the vocals come in, I recognize a song I haven't heard in almost 35 years: "Dancin' Man" by Q.  

On the May 7 AT40 show it was at position 25; it would peak at 23 the following week.  The song spent a total of 7 weeks in the Top 40.  Q was a quartet that hailed from Beaver Falls, PA and this was their only Top 40 hit.  The song is a mid-tempo disco track centered around the '60s R&B lick mentioned earlier, but the ear-catching bit comes from the background singers:
Gotta get up
Get the get down feelin'
Gotta get up
Get it on (clap, clap)
It's not a great song, but it's fun to reconnect with it.


  1. I kinda dug this in the spring of 1977, but a friend of mine adored it. He was rockin' a white-guy afro at the time and fancied himself a bit of a brother despite the fact that we lived in a lily-white part of Wisconsin. He had an itchy little dance he'd do to "Dancin' Man," despite having very little sense of rhythm. I think of it, and him--gone 30 years this spring--whenever I hear it.

  2. I heard this on a recent countdown too. How did I miss this song? It was not in my collection.