Monday, March 10, 2014

1980 - The Golden Age of Soundtracks?

I'll never disparage 1980 movie soundtracks for one reason: Xanadu.  The biggest soundtrack of the year was Urban Cowboy, but I didn't see that movie in 1980 (not sure I've seen it ever).  Instead, I fell in love with the ELO/ONJ roller disco goodness of Xanadu.  In terms of hit singles (see list below), this was a great year for soundtracks, but in terms of #1 singles, only two hit the top spot in 1980.

"Call Me"
#1 for six weeks, Apr 9 - May 24 
from the movie American Gigolo
Olivia Newton-John
#1 for four weeks, Aug 2 - 23
from the movie Xanadu

Click on the year to check out similar soundtrack lists for the following years:

YearNo. of soundtrack #1'sTotal no. of weeks at #1
19802 of 1610
19813 of 1714
19823 of 1610
19832 of 178
19847 of 2021
19859 of 2714

"Magic" is a great song, ONJ is a great singer, and is my favorite song from the Xanadu soundtrack.

Other soundtrack hits from 1980 that didn't make the top spot include:
  • "The Rose" by Bette Midler from The Rose (peaked at #3)
  • "Fame" by Irene Cara from Fame (#4)
  • "Lookin' for Love" by Johnny Lee from Urban Cowboy (#5)
  • "Drivin' My Life Away" by Eddie Rabbitt from Roadie (#5)
  • "Late in the Evening" by Paul Simon from One-Trick Pony (#6)
  • "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins from Caddyshack (#7)
  • "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John & Electric Light Orchestra from Xanadu (#8)
  • "All Over the World" by Electric Light Orchestra from Xanadu (#13)
  • "Look What You've Done to Me" by Boz Scaggs from Urban Cowboy (#14)
  • "Love the World Away" by Kenny Rogers from Urban Cowboy (#14)
  • "I'm Alive" by Electric Light Orchestra from Xanadu (#16)
  • "Gimme Some Lovin'" by The Blues Brothers from The Blues Brothers (#18)
  • "Out Here on My Own" by Irene Cara from Fame (#19)
  • "Suddenly" by Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard from Xanadu (#20) 
  • "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson from Honeysuckle Rose (#20)
  • "Stand by Me" by Mickey Gilley from Urban Cowboy (#22)
  • "Could I Have this Dance" by Anne Murray from Urban Cowboy (#33)
  • "Flash's Theme" by Queen from Flash Gordon (#42)
    The winner of the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 54th Academy Awards was "Fame" from the movie of the same name.


    I have to admit, that's hella playlist.

    Tip o' the hat to Herc for his research and editorial assistance on this post.

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