Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Barbra Streisand ‎– The Main Event/Fight (1979)

The Main Event/Fight
b/w The Main Event/Fight (Instrumental)

Released: 1979 (Columbia)
Written by: P. Jabara & B. Roberts/P. Jabara & B. Etsy
Produced by: Bob Etsy
Album: The Main Event Soundtrack

 U. S. Billboard Charts:
 Hot 100 3
 Dance 13
 Adult Contemporary 2

Because I haven't seen it since 1979, I won't comment on the movie from which this single originated.  As a disco single, though, I haven't been able to get this thing out of my mind all week.  This song stands out because it's Streisand, ever the musical chameleon, singing disco.  I wonder if she includes this one in concert sets.

Written by actor and musician Paul Jabara, this song bears more than a passing resemblance to another one of Babs' hits written by Jabara: No More Tears (Enough is Enough), a duet with Donna Summer.  Jabara is also responsible for disco classics Last Dance and It's Raining Men. 

Like most disco songs, the lyrics are secondary to the tempo of the music, the disco string arrangement, guitar scratching, and the incessant hi-hat. And with lyrics like "We make love the main event," it's a good thing they're secondary.  In the second part of this medley, the lyrics turn to empowerment ("fight for what you want") but they serve their purpose of extending the boxing metaphor needed for movie tie-in.


  1. My 3rd (yes, THIRD!) favorite boxing movie of 1979...

    Live version from 2000:

  2. Mark, I love this song! I owned the 45 and saw the movie in the theatres. Recently picked up the DVD at a bargain store for a few bucks - the film is very cheesy is a 70's kind of way but who doesn't like cheese? (okay - maybe those who are lactose intolerant)