Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Popjustice disagrees with me about 1982

I'm keepin' at it: this is the fourth "100 Best Album's of the '80s" list I've looked at in my quest to find someone who will agree with me that 1982 is the best year ever for pop music.  First, I looked at Rolling Stone magazine's list, then the lists at Best Ever Albums and Dave's Music Database.   Today, I'm examining data provided from Popjustice.com.  What makes this list different from the previous three is that it is based solely on sales, in the UK, during the '80s.  So this isn't Popjustice making the call, they are just providing me with information.  Who really disagrees with me about 1982  are the hard working citizens of the UK who voted with their hard-earned money.  1982 fares better than it has been of late, but still no top spot. That top spot belongs to 1987, who won in a landslide. Using the same formula (album #1 received 100 points, album #2 received 99 points, and so on through #100 receiving 1 point, 5050 total points available), here are the results:

Number of albums: 16
Points: 969

Number of albums: 11
Points: 680

Number of albums: 12
Points: 670

Number of albums: 9
Points: 514

Number of albums: 11
Points: 509

Number of albums: 9
Points: 427

Number of albums: 10
Points: 405

Number of albums: 8
Points: 371

Number of albums: 6
Points: 263

Number of albums: 4
Points: 263

Since the list was based on sales, there are also albums on this list from 1977 (Rumours by Fleetwood Mac), 1978 (Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf), and 1979 (Off The Wall by Michael Jackson and a Barry Manilow greatest hits package).

The 9 top sellers on the list which were released in 1982 are:

 3ThrillerMichael Jackson
 22Love SongsBarbra Streisand
 26Love Over GoldDire Straits
 35Complete MadnessMadness
 36RioDuran Duran
 42The Kids from "Fame"The Kids from "Fame"
 63The Lexicon of LoveABC
 81The John Lennon CollectionJohn Lennon
 87Hello, I Must Be GoingPhil Collins

I'm happy to see Rio and Lexicon Of Love on the list. I confess to liking The Kids From "Fame" particularly the song Desdemona. My status as a "music addict" is now in question because I hadn't ever heard of the following artists that were on this list (can I use the fact that I lived in rural Texas in the '80s as an excuse?):
  • Jason Donovan
  • Wet, Wet, Wet
  • Five Star
  • Alexander O'Neal
  • The Christians
  • Elaine Page
  • Elkie Brooks
Off to Spotify to check them out.


RS = Rolling Stone, BEA = Best Ever Albums, DMDB = Dave's Music Database, PM = Popmatters

There's really not much consistency here other than the fact that 1981 is always at or near the bottom.


  1. I assume that the Alexander O'Neal album was from later in the 80's (his debut was in 1985). PS - I love his stuff!

    As for "Kids From Fame", I am a huge fan too. I owned three albums from the show. Huge fan here!

    I was very much into Five Star during my mid-80's dance music phase. Good stuff but I suspect you won't find it on Spotify.

    1. Me and my favorite Martin are twinsies on this one:

      have all of O'Neal's stuff and the lot of it was recently reissued with bonus tracks;

      have the three Kids from Fame albums and still hoping for a multidisc anthology - have they released any seasons beyond One and Two on DVD?;

      and Five Star (or 5 Star) is a favorite as well but I only have 2 vinyl albums, 1 CD and 2 12" singles - they do have 5 albums on Spotify but none of the 4 albums from the 80s.

      Keep on tilting at windmills, Mark. I got your back.