Friday, June 23, 2017

Pop Quiz: American Top 40, July 5, 1980 - "The Book of Records" (Pt. 4 of 4)

We're looking at the AT40 episode from July 5, 1980 which was titled "Book of Records." I'll let Casey introduce this episode:
On AT40 this week, the name of the game is superlatives. From "The Book of Records," we've got the biggest, the smallest, the longest, the shortest, and some categories in-between.
So revert back to a 1980 mindset and see if you can guess which artist or song held the following records in July 1980. I've included the years of the recordings as hints. Answers below.

Hour Four:
a) Biggest selling album in history (1977)
b) Highest debuting single in the rock era (1970)
c) Biggest hit by a foreign act/biggest instrumental single of the rock era (1955)
d) Most consecutive #1 hits on any chart (1967-72)
e) The longest held musical note sung in a Top 40 hit in the rock era (1979)
f) #1 hit that "cannot possibly be performed live" (1958)
g) Artist with the most Top 40 hits without ever reaching #1 on the pop charts
h) Biggest hit in country chart history (1950)
i) Most successful American group in chart history
j) Biggest hit in soul chart history (1951)
k) Act with the most consecutive weeks with at least one song in the Top 40
l) Only record to hit #1 simultaneously on the pop, country, and soul chart (1956)
m) The biggest chart single in history (1943)

Hour Four:
a) Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (Casey plays "Stayin' Alive")
b) "Let It Be" by The Beatles (debuted on the Hot 100 at #6)
c) "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" by Perez Prado
d) Sonny James (16 straight #1 country hits, Casey plays "Young Love")
e) "Dim All the Lights" by Donna Summer (note held 16 seconds)
f) "The Chipmunk Song" by The Chipmunks
g) James Brown (43 Top 40 hits without a #1. Casey plays "I Got You")
h) "I'm Movin' On" by Hank Snow (#1 for 21 weeks)
i) The Supremes (Twelve #1 songs. Casey plays "Baby Love")
j) "Sixty Minute Man" by The Dominoes
k) Pat Boone (23 songs over 169 consecutive weeks. Casey plays "Love Letters in the Sand")
l) "Don't Be Cruel" b/w "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley (Casey plays both)
m) "Paper Doll" by The Mills Brothers (30 weeks in the Top 10, 12 at #1. During the backsell, Casey qualifies this record with by saying "Not counting Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas' with its multiple chart appearances every holiday season..." so either answer could be considered correct.)

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