Tuesday, June 6, 2017

MFD Random Five #20

In which I click the shuffle icon on the iTunes app and listen to the first five songs that pop up from the years 1976-85.

  1. "Rock and Roll Music" by The Beach Boys (1976, Brother/Reprise)
    This cover of Chuck Berry's 1957 tune has appeared on this blog before back in August, 2016. Here's what I wrote then: "A lethargic cover, but one that peaked would eventually peak at #5 in 13 weeks on AT40. It was the group's biggest single of the 1970's." I prefer the Beatles cover.

  2. "Memories (Can't Wait)" by Talking Heads (1982, Sire)
    This live version from 1979 is from the Name of This Band... double LP set. Far from being one of my favorite TH tunes, I can't pass over it as I am hypnotized by the monotonous guitar-drenched verse and then again when the chorus takes off at the end. The band speeds up a bit during the last minute of this performance and the tempo change is perfectly aligned with the increasing intensity. I doubt is was intentional but perfect nonetheless. 

  3. "Show Me the Way" by Peter Frampton (1976, A&M)
    Yeah, man. (Note: I heard the shorter single version of this one today, so it could have been better, but I ain't complaining.) 

  4. "Sophisticated Lady" by Linda Ronstadt (1984, Asylum)
    It's never a bad time for Ronstadt. And to hear her (and Nelson Riddle's) take on this Ellington standard is a great way to start a day. Or end a day. Any time of day, really. Then there's the tasty sax work from Plas Johnson and it's over all too soon. Reaching to my right and pulling the 'Round Midnight compilation off the shelves for further listening.

  5. "Wacky Dust" by The Manhattan Transfer (1979, Atlantic)
    A throw away album filler track. For some reason, producer Jay Graydon decided to use synths instead of an actual big band. Big mistake.
In a wild coincidence (is there a full moon?), four of the five tracks today weren't originally performed 1976-85:
  • Rock And Roll Music - 1957
  • Show Me the Way - 1975
  • Sophisticated Lady - 1932
  • Wacky Dust - 1938
The fifth tune, "Memories (Can't Wait)," was originally released in 1979 on Fear of Music meaning none of today's tracks are the original versions.

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