Monday, December 19, 2016

32 Years Ago This Month

I've previously written about a few of my adventures during my first semester in college in this post. But as Christmas approaches, I'm reminded of my first winter break in which I returned home for 4 weeks from mid-December 1984 to mid-January 1985; a guest in the house I grew up in. It's a strange feeling, isn't it? I had been home twice during the fall semester, once for a weekend visit and once at Thanksgiving. I didn't often drive home from college because it was a 6 hour drive each way.

Anyhoo, I distinctly remember finishing my first semester of college with an English 101 final, which I finished early then walked across a cold, eerily deserted campus listening to the decidedly un-Christmas tune "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by J.S. Bach on my trusty Walkman WM-10.

I quickly packed and headed home for the holidays, finding myself a much different person than when I'd left: I had traveled 350 miles to a university where I knew nobody prior to matriculating, I had joined a fraternity, I had met a girl 4½ years older than me who thought we were going to marry (we didn't), I had met another girl 13 days younger than me to which I've been married for more than 27 years, I had experienced ill-fated attempts at growing a mustache and piercing my ear, and, most importantly(?) had completed 17 credit hours. Most all of these events happened in the university's music building, seen here:

Undated postcard. The back caption reads as follows:
MUSIC BUILDING as seen from the terrace of the Art Building.
It is soundproof, air-conditioned, and houses all music education
and music activities including a complete radio studio.

That building was demolished a few years back which is for the best because it was a dump back in the '80s so I can't imagine how bad it must have been 25 years later. Here's what that building looked like the last time I was in Commerce:

November 2013
But I digress (as I'm wont to do). Let's talk about music. When I returned home to my old room to my old bed, I wanted to hear some tunes so I turned on my old Marantz clock radio because my Fisher stereo was left in my dorm room. To my delight, a new local station had gone on the air, KMKS. It was the city's first FM station and its format was adult contemporary, a format which perfectly suited my mood at the time (still does). What follows is a Mixcloud show with an annotated playlist of tunes that remind me of those few weeks at home in December 1984. I specifically remember the Julian Lennon and Jermaine Jackson tunes being played on heavy rotation on my new FM radio station. Good times.  Enjoy.

Julian Lennon
From the album Valotte
Written by Julian Lennon, Justin Clayton & Carlyon Morales
Produced by Phil Ramone

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 1009
 Adult Contemporary4
 Mainstream Rock2

"Method of Modern Love"
Daryl Hall and John Oates
From the album Big Bam Boom
Written by Daryl Hall & Janna Allen
Produced by Daryl Hall, John Oates, and Bob Clearmountain

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 1005
 Adult Contemporary18
 Mainstream Rock42

"Do What You Do"
Jermaine Jackson
From the album Dynamite
Written by Ralph Dino & Larry DiTomasso
Produced by Jermaine Jackson

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10013
 Adult Contemporary1

"Like a Virgin"
From the album Like a Virgin
Written by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly
Produced by Nile Rodgers

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 1001
 Adult Contemporary29

"Foolish Heart"
Steve Perry
From the album Street Talk
Written by Steve Perry & Randy Goodrum
Produced by Steve Perry

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10018
 Adult Contemporary2

"Love Light in Flight"
Stevie Wonder
From the soundtrack album The Woman in Red
Written by Stevie Wonder
Produced by Stevie Wonder

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10017
 Adult Contemporary10

"After All"
Al Jarreau
From the album High Crime
Written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & David Foster
Produced by Jay Graydon

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10069
 Adult Contemporary6

George Benson
From the album 20/20
Written by Randy Goodrum & Steve Kipner
Produced by Russ Titelman

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10048
 Adult Contemporary15

"Missing You"
Diana Ross
From the album Swept Away
Written by Lionel Richie
Produced by Lionel Richie & James Anthony Carmichael

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10010
 Adult Contemporary4

Ashford & Simpson
From the album Solid
Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson
Produced by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10012
 Adult Contemporary34

"No More Lonely Nights"
Paul McCartney
From the soundtrack album Give My Regards to Broad Street
Written by Paul McCartney
Produced by George Martin

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 1006
 Adult Contemporary2
 Mainstream Rock16

"What About Me?"
Kenny Rogers with Kim Carnes, & James Ingram
From the album What About Me?
Written by Kenny Rogers, David Foster & Richard Marx
Produced by Kenny Rogers & David Foster

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10015
 Adult Contemporary1

Kool and The Gang
From the album Emergency
Written by Ronald Bell, James Taylor & Kool And The Gang
Produced by Ronald Bell, Jim Bonnefond & Kool And The Gang

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10010
 Mainstream Rock1

"Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four"
From the soundtrack album 1984
Written by David Stewart & Annie Lennox
Produced by David A. Stewart

 U.S. Billboard charts peaks:
 Hot 10081


  1. This is a nice audio snapshot of a moment in time.

    Try as I might, I do not recall much about that particular time in my life, though I enjoy nearly all the selections you've offered up.

    Was the Eurythmics track getting airplay on KMKS?

  2. Most excellent. Extra credit for including After All.