Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bracketology: Novelty Songs of My Favorite Decade, Semifinals

Let's see how the quarterfinal match-ups panned out (for me, at least):
  • Quarterfinal #1: This match-up was closer in my mind than you might expect, but even more than thirty years after the fact, Rodney's getting no respect.
  • Quarterfinal #2: Hey, Moe - this one's a toss up. While "The Curly Shuffle" gets bonus points for actually being a shuffle, I'm narrowly giving the edge to "King Tut" mainly for the disco break about a minute into the thing.
  • Quarterfinal #3: I jammed more quarters from my college fund into Pac-Man games at local arcades than I'd care to remember (I was also a big fan of Donkey Kong and Defender), but I never cared much for "Pac-Man Fever." However, in the summer of 1982, I had a good friend return from summer camp speaking a new language we later discovered was called "Valspeak" and then the Zappa song hit and suddenly we were all talking like that fershure. Plus, it's just a better song so I'm picking the lower seed in this one.
  • Quarterfinal #4:  I love the misdirection of "Junk Food Junkie" as much today as I did as skinny nine year old with a sweet tooth. And while I still sing "Shaddup You Face" at inappropriate times, it's unquestionably rude and I'm a classy guy (just ask me). Plus, like the preceding match-up, "Junkie" is just the better song.

Check back for the final round match-up.

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