Monday, August 15, 2016

Billboard Chart Scrapers: Albert Finney's Album (1977)

Second in a series.  To be considered a "chart scraper" album, an artist must have had only one album make the Billboard 200 album chart during the years 1976-85.  Said album spent no more than two weeks on the chart, placing no higher than 196.  They're all new to me.

Albert Finney's Album
Released: 1977 (Motown)
Produced by: Denis King

Side One Side Two
But I Was a Child
I'd Like It to Be Me
Crazy Song
When It's Gone
We'll Be Okay
How Do You Know?
Those Other Men
They Say
What Have They Done (To My Home Town?)
The Bird of Paradise
The Stream of Life
A State of Grace

September 3, 1977199

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Review links:
Washington Post

Psuedo-Broadway musical music written by Denis King with lyrics by Finney himself, who writes lyrics like a high school loner writes poetry, e.g.: "How do you know when it's there? Is there a hush in the air?" Even though it's on the Motown label, don't expect any soul to be found on this album. If you like Richard Harris's take on MacArthur Park, this may be just the album you're looking for.

For thoughts on the album from producer/composer/arranger Denis King, click here.


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