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The Dishes - Hot Diggety Dog (1985)

Released: 1985 (Underwhere Records)
Produced by: Steve Ames

Side One Side Two
Girls With Glasses
No Matter What I Do
Beep Beep!

Around You
World Goes On
Things Are Stressful
Walk Don't Run

The Dishes were a short-lived power-pop/garage/party band from Houston. They are practically absent from the Internet, so if anybody has additional info on the band's history, please contact me or leave a message in the comment section. Now to the music:

Texas Monthly, December 1985, p. 192

The Rice Thresher (Rice Univ), January 23, 1987, p. 10

Sadly, I never got see the band live. However, I found a copy of the cassette and I'm glad I did because it contains two additional tracks, covers of surf rock classics "Pipeline" and "Walk Don't Run." As an added bonus, the band autographed the j-card:

I'm guessing the tape was originally purchased at one of the group's live shows. I bought it on the eBay.

  • Girls with Glasses: This was recorded in Houston?  It sounds more like the retro SoCal pop of the early '80s (Go-Go's, Josie Cotton, Bonnie Hayes) with a bouncy bass line underneath the Farfisa organ.
  • Alright: I'm not much of a fan of the verse, but dadgummit that's a catchy hook in the chorus. Earworm for days.
  • No Matter What I Do:  The band does its best Nick Lowe imitation and I have to say they do a heckuva job with it.
  • Beep Beep!: They pseudo-car horn noises get annoying quickly in this one.  At least the lyrics are funny.
  • Around You: Fantastic power pop song with vocals from Barbara.
  • World Goes On:  Like "Alright" on side one, this doesn't have a good verse but hella chorus.
  • Things Are Stressful: A pseudo-reggae pop song with hilarious lyrics.
  • Pipeline:  Fairly straight ahead cover of the surf rock classic. Probably a favorite at live shows.
  • Walk Don't Run: See above.

  1. Girls with Glasses
  2. Around You
  3. No Matter What I Do
  4. Things are Stressful
  5. Alright
  6. World Goes On
  7. Pipeline
  8. Walk Don't Run
  9. Beep Beep!

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