Saturday, March 5, 2016

Random album ad #32

Granati Bros. - G Force (1979)


  1. "The energy that re-ignites the flames of rock & roll"?!? – Now I'm confused... Was it 'Rock & Roll' that went up in flames, or just the Granati Brothers' career?

  2. First off, congrats on Random Album Art #32. We appreciate all the effort you put into this long running series of both familiar and unfamiliar acts.

    The Granati Brothers fell into the latter category so I looked them up on Spotify and while this album isn't available, their second and third albums are. And a quick search led to article about the brothers and the fact that they have only released three albums in thirty-seven years (including one just last month!) with an Atlantic Records follow-up to their debut still sitting on shelf somewhere.

    A&M did employ some extreme and misguided hype as Dirk pointed out - my issue is with last line of ad copy: Rock & roll with a capital "G"
    That's just wrong.