Friday, January 15, 2016

Bracketology: 1976 singles, Champion

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" has to be one of the most positive, uplifting love songs to come out of the disco era.  For this guy, it's like musical Zoloft even 40 years on. Musically, not enough can be said about James Newton Howard's string arrangements.

Billboard magazine, Oct 4, 1997

This was a tough bracket, to be sure. Later this year, I'll be posting my list of the top 76 singles of 1976.  I can already tell that's going to be quite a challenge.


  1. I'd say you made the wrong call in the final but "I couldn't if I tried."

    Top to bottom excellence in 1976.

  2. It was between "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and "Silly Love Songs" for me. In the end, this was a close game to the end. Both awesome songs, but "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" wins. Still sounds as fresh as 40 years ago.