Tuesday, December 22, 2015

C.B. Santa Claus - Richard Gillis (1976)

C.B. Santa Claus
b/w Come Love Me Long

Released: 1976 (20th Century)
Written by: Richard Gillis
Produced by: Joe Saraceno
Album: N/A (single only release)

It's a country Christmas novelty song, attempting to capitalize on the Citizen Band Radio craze that was sweeping the country at the time (think "Convoy" by C.W. McCall shamelessly reworked as a Christmas tune).  Can't find much online about Richard Gillis and you can guess the content of the song from the title, so the best I can do is provide the lyrics for ya and you can decide for yourself.

On a cold Christmas Eve out of Denver
Truckin' west on Highway 6
Through the snow, some arms are wavin'
Someone's in a fix

Well, I pulled my rig on over
Never dreaming what I'd see
And puffing hard, Santa Claus
Came runnin' up to me

He said, "I'd been a runner
on a condo in San Berdoo.
Donner pulled a tendon
and Rudolph's got the flu

"I've got lots of stops to make tonight
but I'm stuck in the Great Divide"
Easy, Santa, us truckers
Gonna give them toys a ride

And I called "Breaker, breaker. ten-three-three
Give me ears on channel nine
We got a Christmas problem here
Upon the Great Divide
You truckers east and you truckers west
We need your wheels, come on, because
Santa's down! You turn around and
Come back to C.B. Santa Claus

"C.B. Santa Claus" the call went out
and before the moon was high
Truckers appeared from everywhere
To give them toys a ride

There were pick-ups, flat beds, bobtails, and trailers,
and even a motorbike
There were vans, and trams, lorries, and trollies,
and a man on a motorized trike

Well the bears, of course, had heard the call
and they were everywhere
Bears in the bushes, bears in the weeds
And buzzin' bears in the air

We'd all amassed to do this task
And while truckers rolled their sleeves
A county mountie's cleared the road
We couldn't wait to leave


What a Christmas Eve that was
Bears was on our side
And with red flights flashin'
Our wheels went crashin'
through the snow, chests swelled with pride

And from Northern Maine to the Western coast
Truckers slipped in and slipped away
No sleep at all, they left their toys
No broken hearts on Christmas Day

Well, Santa couldn't believe his eyes
and he was sorta doubtin' his ears
But before the kiss of dawn appeared
I'd eased up all his fears

His sleigh was empty, the job was done
He could go on home because
On a snowy night on Christmas Eve
He found a C.B. Santa Claus


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