Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cash Box Chart Scrapers: Byron Berline and Sundance (1976)

Fifth in a series.  To be considered a "chart scraper" album, an artist must have had only one album make the Cash Box 200 album chart during the years 1976-85.  Said album spent no more than two weeks on the chart, placing no higher than 196.  They're all new to me.

Byron Berline and Sundance
Released: 1976 (MCA)
Produced by: Ken Mansfield

Side One Side Two
It Hurts So Much
Sweet Wanomi
Laid Back Day
Till I Gain Control Again
Best Friends
The World I'm Living In
Storm Over Oklahoma
Cold in California

August 21, 1976200
August 28, 1976200

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Absolutely nothing about this country/bluegrass album appeals to me, but maybe it's in your wheelhouse.  For what it's worth, "It Hurts So Much" is the best track on the thing.

My dislike of country music dates back to the early '70s when my parents would drag me along to their square dance practices instead of hiring a babysitter.  But that's a matter for me and my therapist.

*Cash Box chart information was taken from the book The Cash Box Album Charts, 1976-1985 (Scarecrow Press, 1987)

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