Monday, September 21, 2015

CD Longbox #2

Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain (1984)

Exclusive photo courtesy of the Hambonian Archives.


  1. That's a pretty one, for sure. Used the whole of the box, well the front at least, to carry on the artwork.

    I remember my Purple Rain jewel case came with two booklets.

    1. And the back of the longbox had that rambling "poem" written in Prince-speak and stylized in that sweet Purple Rain font that was also on back of vinyl album cover:

      Dig if u will the picture - of u and I engaged in a kiss. The sweat of your body covers me. Can u picture this, my darling? An ocean of violets engulf our persons. A bird screams. At 1st, I think it's u and u thought it was me. Oh, if only violets could talk. Insecurities. Do u know who u are? Then it doesn't matter who screamed 1st. Did it matter who ate of the apple 1st? The end result was negative. Can u pass me the pepper? Why, because u told me salt was bad 4 me. I thought u liked eggs. I thought u liked me. Well, eggs are the only thing I can make besides a baby. Why do u look at me like that? What are u thinking? I know u better than u think I do. There's this purple suspicion that lurks in the anals of my mind that u and I are alike in more ways than 6. Can u relate? oh yeah? Then what's the difference between a beautiful man and an ugly man with money? Nothing - as far as you're concerned. Do u still want 2 spend the night? Good. Come on. U said u would wash my hair. Shall we go swimming 1st? U can't swim. Wonderful. "I'll teach u 2 swim, I'll teach u 2 try, I'll teach u 2 laugh, but not 2 cry. I'll teach u 2 trust me when u think I lie, I'll teach u 2 love me until we die." It's from a song I wrote. Do u believe that? U do? Well, I lied. I just made it up. Pretty good, huh. It's not nice 2 lie. I think we're on the right track. Shall I wash u 1st or shall u wash me?

    2. Full-size, front & (previously unreleased) back views here!

    3. Thanks for the whole picture!

      This is one time where my memory is spot on.