Monday, July 13, 2015

Live Aid 30th Anniversary

In my mind, I had prepared two or three posts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Live Aid concerts. But then I read this brief oral history of the shows and immediately knew I couldn't do anything better. So I'm throwing up the white flag and linking you to a Yahoo music post instead.  Enjoy.

What was I doing on July 13, 1985?  I drove into Houston to hang out with some friends at a water park (WaterWorld?) and then eat dinner at a Steak and Ale.  Did I miss the show?  Nah, it was on the radio everywhere we went.

Listen/watch the whole dang thing:

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  1. Looking back and corroborating my story with my Mom, I bought a sleeve of blank VHS tapes to my parents house and asked them to tape the whole MTV broadcast for me because I had to work a long mid-day shift and then had a date that night. According to my journal, I received boxes of records from both Columbia House and RCA that day as well as a gift. No mention of a date so it must have not been memorable.

    I had dropped a lot of money on Band Aid and USA for Africa, both music and merch, so I don't think I kicked in anything to Live Aid. Wonder if I still have those tapes?