Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MFD gets a Classic Pop shoutout

Classic Pop is a relatively new British magazine that focuses on early eighties music.  I'm not a subscriber, but will occasionally pick up the rare issue that makes it all the way to East Texas newsstands.  In each issue, an album is designated a "Classic Album" and given the full treatment: interviews, track-by-track breakdown, etc.   In the 15th issue released earlier this year, the magazine chose Haircut 100's Pelican West album for the honor.  As that is one of my favorite albums of 1982, I was anxious to see the article and I think the magazine did a good job with it.

Soon after reading that issue, I went to Twitter to let you guys know about it:

Later, on page 23 the latest issue of Classic Pop, that tweet was reprinted in their regular social media recap, although in a slightly edited form:

So that's that. Thanks Classic Pop. And if you're not following this blog on the Twitter, why not?

And while you're at it, I should remind you that it's time to get out your copy of Pelican West and give that a play or two.  Or five.

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  1. Well, well well... Congratulations, @1976_85!!

    I think what we've learned here today is that one should never underestimate the power of Twitter (or the force of nature that is the "Soft Rock Kid™").