Friday, January 2, 2015

Go West - We Close Our Eyes (1985)

We Close Our Eyes
b/w Missing Persons

Released: 1985 (Chrysalis)
Written by: Peter Cox & Richard Drummie
Produced by: Gary Stevenson
Album: Go West

 U. S. Billboard Charts:
 Hot 100 41
 Dance 5

Narrowly missing the Top 40, I never heard this one on the Dallas radio stations I listened to at the time.  However, this wonderfully fun Godley & Creme video was on the MTV (and the dorms had cable!):

I never understood the pipe wrench or the lyrics, but what a synth hook!  That thing hits you in the face about 7 seconds in.  Lots of over-produced synth hits, pads, and effects throughout - the producer was having fun.  All this over a driving, danceable, eighth note beat.  And then we get a nice bridge that goes right back into that sweet synth hook.

Sure, the synths really date this thing, but I think it's aged fairly well.  Maybe that's just because I didn't hear it enough back in '85.  And I still don't hear it on the radio (XM or "'80s Flashback Weekends").  Never heard the rest of the album.  Why I didn't buy it on the strength of this single, I'll never know. Shrug.

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