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Vision Quest soundtrack (1985)

Based on a 1979 novel by Terry Davis, this coming-of-age movie was released on February 15, 1985.  I may have to relinquish my "Child of the Eighties" card for admitting this, but I hadn't seen this movie prior to putting together this list.  It's a bit too long and poorly edited but I liked it good enough; I most likely would have loved the thing if it had been released a few years earlier when I was in high school. I will say that Linda Fiorentino = yummy (and Madonna wasn't lookin' too bad herself).

I give director Harold Becker credit for avoiding two '80s movie cliches: 1) school dance scene, and 2) some sort of montage.  For more on the film, a complete breakdown is available over at Herc's Hideaway.

The eclectic, 10 track soundtrack album spent 23 weeks on Billboard's album chart in 1985, peaking at #11.

Side One Side Two
Only the Young
Shout to the Top!
She's on the Zoom
Hungry for Heaven
Lunatic Fringe
I'll Fall in Love Again
Hot Blooded
Crazy for You

The following list is based on the 1998 pan-and-scan DVD version which runs 107 minutes.  In addition to the pop/rock tunes below, we're also treated to incidental music from German electronic music group Tangerine Dream.  That music isn't on the soundtrack album, but was later included in the Tangerine Tree project.

While Madonna is obviously lip-synching to "Gambler" during the bar scene, I think she might have been actually singing "Crazy for You" over pre-recorded backing tracks.  I say this because she's having apparent pitch problems in the film that I've never heard on the single version of "Crazy for You."  If I'm wrong and my ear is misleading me, please let me know.

In the order the music appeared in the film:
  1. Opening credits: "Only the Young" by Journey, found on the original soundtrack (1985)
  2. Louden running, leaving hotel job: "Hungry for Heaven" by Dio, found on the original soundtrack (1985). A different version appears on Sacred Heart (1985).
  3. School cafeteria: "I'll Fall in Love Again" by Sammy Hagar, found on Standing Hampton (1982) and the original soundtrack (1985).
  4. School cafeteria: "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner, found on Double Vision (1978) and the original soundtrack (1985).
  5. Louden and Carla in coffee shop: "Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash, found on Quarterflash (1981).
  6. In the coffee shop, Louden and his father invite Carla to live with them: "Time for Me to Fly" by REO Speedwagon, found on You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish (1978).
  7. Louden waking up/push-ups/weighing: "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider, found on As Far as Siam (1981) and the original soundtrack (1985).
  8. At the football stadium, Louden confronts Shute: incidental music by Tangerine Dream
  9. Carla drawing on bed:  Third movement of Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, (Summer from The Four Seasons) by Antonio Vivaldi (1725)
  10. Madonna singing in the bar: "Gambler" by Madonna, found on the original soundtrack (1985).
  11. Madonna singing in the bar: "Crazy for You" by Madonna, found on the original soundtrack (1985).
  12. Louden jumping rope: "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider
  13. Louden climbing the peg board/running: "Change" by John Waite, found on Ignition (1982) and the original soundtrack (1985).
  14. Louden spies Carla on a date with Mr. Tanneran, then mopes: "Crazy for You" by Madonna
  15. Team loading bus: "Hungry for Heaven" by Dio
  16. Louden wrestling: incidental music by Tangerine Dream
  17. Louden and Carla at the coffee shop: "Shout to the Top!" by The Style Council, found on the U.S. release of Internationalists (1985) and the original soundtrack (1985).
  18. Louden running: "Only the Young" by Journey
  19. Louden and Carla in truck: "She's on the Zoom" by Don Henley, found on the original soundtrack (1985).
  20. Louden and Carla walking through woods/kiss/back to Spokane: "Crazy for You" by Madonna
  21. Wrestling practice/Louden returning to empty house: "No More Words" by Berlin, found on Love Life (1984)
  22. Weigh-in: incidental music by Tangerine Dream
  23. Pre-match warm-up: "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider
  24. Match with Shute: incidental music by Tangerine Dream
  25. Post-match celebration/closing credits: "Only the Young" by Journey

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