Monday, July 7, 2014

Counting down the Top 82 of '82: Singles #82 - 72

A breakdown of my top singles from my favorite year in pop music

Weeks in Hot 100: 14
Peaked: August 7
Album: Three Sides Live (Atlantic)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10032
 Mainstream Rock2

Talk Talk
Talk Talk
Weeks in Hot 100: 7
Peaked: November 6
Album: The Party's Over (EMI)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10075
 Mainstream Rock26

Think I'm in Love
Eddie Money
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: September 18
Album: No Control (Columbia)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10016
 Mainstream Rock1

Missing Persons
Weeks in Hot 100: 11
Peaked: August 28
Album: Spring Session M (Capitol)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10042
 Mainstream Rock60

Heart Attack
Olivia Newton-John
Weeks in Hot 100: 21
Peaked: November 6
Album: Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (MCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1003

Crimson and Clover
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Weeks in Hot 100: 15
Peaked: June 19
Album: I Love Rock 'n Roll (Boardwalk)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1007
 Mainstream Rock6

Somewhere Down the Road
Barry Manilow
Weeks in Hot 100: 15
Peaked: February 20
Album: If I Should Love Again (Arista)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10021
 Adult Contemporary1

Only the Lonely
The Motels
Weeks in Hot 100: 23
Peaked: July 17
Album: All Four One (Capitol)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1009
 Adult Contemporary27
 Mainstream Rock6

Juke Box Hero
Weeks in Hot 100: 13
Peaked: April 3
Album: 4 (Atlantic)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10026
 Mainstream Rock3

Ebony and Ivory
Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
Weeks in Hot 100: 19
Peaked: May 15
Album: Tug of War (Columbia)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1001
 Adult Contemporary1
 Mainstream Rock34

Everybody Wants You
Billy Squier
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: December 18
Album: Emotions in Motion (Capitol)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10032
 Mainstream Rock1

These are my personal top 82 singles of those that charted in 1982.  The list is solely my opinion.  Chart information is from the US Billboard charts.  Using Joel Whitburn's book, Pop Annual 1955-1999, I started with the 424 singles that charted on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 chart in 1982.  An initial pass through that list narrowed it down to 116.  Titles of those songs were written on index cards and the listening, ranking, and editing began.  The top 82 are presented here, in order.

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  1. I like the Goldilocks rating method you modified for your recent Michael Jackson post, so allow me to modify it further and apply it here to your 82 of 82 as I see fit. Basically taking your list and making it my own.

    82 not on my list
    81 very much higher on my list
    80 my list is one song per artist and this one loses out to another Money song
    79 higher on my list
    78 see 80
    77 see 78
    76 not on my list
    75 see 77
    74 very much higher on my list
    73 not on my list
    72 higher on my list