Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Counting down the Top 82 of '82: Singles #60 - 51

A breakdown of my top singles from my favorite year in pop music

Genius of Love
Tom Tom Club
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: April 24
Album: Tom Tom Club (Sire)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10031

Did It in a Minute
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Weeks in Hot 100: 11
Peaked: May 22
Album: Private Eyes (RCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1009
 Adult Contemporary29

Caught Up in You
.38 Special
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: July 3
Album: Special Forces (A&M)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10010
 Mainstream Rock1

The Steve Miller Band
Weeks in Hot 100: 25
Peaked: September 4
Album: Abracadabra (Capitol)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1001
 Adult Contemporary28
 Mainstream Rock4

Diana Ross
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: November 13
Album: Silk Electric (RCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10010
 R&B 4
 Adult Contemporary 36

The Other Woman
Ray Parker Jr.
Weeks in Hot 100: 21
Peaked: June 12
Album: The Other Woman (Arista)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 1004
 Adult Contemporary33

The One You Love
Glenn Frey
Weeks in Hot 100: 17
Peaked: November 6
Album: No Fun Aloud (Asylum)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10015
 Adult Contemporary2

You Don't Want Me Anymore
Steel Breeze
Weeks in Hot 100: 20
Peaked: November 13
Album: Steel Breeze (RCA)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10016
 Mainstream Rock9

Only Time Will Tell
Weeks in Hot 100: 14
Peaked: September 18
Album: Asia (Geffen)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10017
 Mainstream Rock8

Take It Away
Paul McCartney
Weeks in Hot 100: 16
Peaked: August 21
Album: Tug of War (Columbia)

 U.S. charts:
 Hot 10010
 Adult Contemporary6
 Mainstream Rock39

These are my personal top 82 singles of those that charted in 1982.  The list is solely my opinion.  Chart information is from the US Billboard charts.  Using Joel Whitburn's book, Pop Annual 1955-1999, I started with the 424 singles that charted on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 chart in 1982.  An initial pass through that list narrowed it down to 116.  Titles of those songs were written on index cards and the listening, ranking, and editing began.  The top 82 are presented here, in order.


  1. I miss your little blurbs or comments about the songs - you did that with the albums, right?

    60 higher on my list
    59 not on my list
    58 higher
    57 very much higher
    56 not on my list
    55 about right
    54 not on my list
    53 not on my list
    52 lost in the one song per artist death match
    51 about right

  2. Herc, Steel Breeze did not make your list? *jaw dropped* I love that tune! I heard it a ton in 82 - a great summer tune.

    1. You know 1982 is my jam. Seriously consinsidering making my list my 200 favorite songs of 1982 where #200 would still be more liked than many songs from any other year. My iTunes 1982 playlist is the largest one I have and my 1982 Spotify playlist is even bigger than that! Hard choices were made to make a Top 100 list as you may well find out when you compile your own list. Yep, HERC just called you out son.