Friday, June 20, 2014

The Top 40 hits of Paul McCartney, 1976 - 1985

Most of my memories of Paul McCartney songs seem to take place in the summer, so I was putting together this playlist anyway and thought I'd share with you. Turns out that Sir Paul had eighteen Top 40 hits in the US from 1976-85This includes his solo work, his work with Wings, and duets with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Here's a breakdown table, including year, peak chart position, and number of weeks on the Top 40 charts. (Note: titles marked with an asterisk are not currently available on Spotify.  A link to those songs on YouTube has been provided when available).

1976115Silly Love Songs
1976311Let 'Em In
19771011Maybe I'm Amazed
1977335Girls' School*
1978112With a Little Luck
1978255I've Had Enough
1978392London Town
1979513Goodnight Tonight
1979206Getting Closer
1979294Arrow Through Me
1980116Coming Up (Live at Glasgow)
1982115Ebony and Ivory*
19821011Take It Away
1982214The Girl is Mine
1983118Say Say Say
1984238So Bad
1984614No More Lonely Nights
1985711Spies Like Us*

Two of my favorite lesser-known hits on this list both come from the Back to the Egg album: "Getting Closer" and "Arrow Through Me."  Also, "Coming Up" has become one of those former #1 songs that never gets played on the radio anymore and that's a shame.

McCartney singles that made the Top 100, but didn't crack the Top 40:
  • "Seaside Woman" (by Suzy and the Red Stripes) - #59 in 1977 
  • "Tug of War" - #53 in 1982


  1. Don't you think most of his Seventies stuff holds up better than his Eighties output? Wasn't aware that many of my favorite Macca tracks fell outside the parameters of this site until I saw them missing from your list above.

    Here's my list of favorite pre-1976 songs from McCartney and/or Wings with all titles linked to Spotify cause Sir Paul has a few hospital bills to pay:
    Another Day (1971 #5)
    Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (1971 #1)
    Hi, Hi, Hi (1972 #10)
    My Love (1973 #1)
    Live And Let Die (1973 #2)
    Jet (1974 #7)
    Band On The Run (1974 #1)
    Listen To What The Man Said (1974 #1)
    Venus And Mars/Rock Show (1975 #12)

    1. Q: "Don't you think most of his Seventies stuff holds up better than his Eighties output?"
      A: Yes, and his Nineties stuff holds up better than his Eighties stuff, too.