Friday, June 6, 2014

Disco hits of Stevie Wonder 1976-1985

During the years 1976-1985, the Musician Laureate of the United States scored 7 hits on Billboard's Disco Chart, including 3 chart toppers.  Here's a breakdown table, including year, peak chart position, and number of weeks on the disco charts. The table is followed by a Spotify playlist to help you remember how many of these tunes you danced to. And, admit it, you danced to all of 'em.  I've included the 10+ minute version of Do I Do with the Dizzy Gillespie solo because that song simply should never be heard in its truncated single version.

All tracks are awesome because Stevie Wonder.

1976219Another Star/I Wish/Sire Duke/Isn't She Lovely
19801026Master Blaster (Jammin')
19822713That Girl
1982117Do I Do
1985610Love Light In Flight
1985110Part-Time Lover
1985110Go Home

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