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AT40, September 18, 1982 [Part 7 of 8]

And the countdown continues...

I recently celebrated a birthday and as a gift received a set of 4 LPs and cue sheets from American Top 40 program #823-12, which was intended for broadcast during the weekend of September 18-19, 1982.  We've already examined 3 hours of the show, click below to see those breakdowns:
Disc 1: 1A/4B
Disc 2: 2A/3B
Disc 3: 3A/1B
Disc 4: 4A/2B
Today we start the final hour of the show with side 4A.

This half hour contains the second long distance dedication of the program.  Maybe I'm picking at nits, but both of this episode's LDDs are from a person who lives in the same house as the person having the song dedicated to them.  How is that long distance?  When I think of LDD, I think of someone who's moved away, someone serving in military, or a summer love.

After Casey's infamous meltdown while recording a LDD about a dead dog in 1985, AT40 producer Tom Rounds came up with two rules: 1) no more dead animal dedications, and 2) no more Barry Manilow songs.  I completely understand the first rule, but think the second one seems arbitrary and uncalled for.   (That meltdown recording makes me glad no one is recording me while I'm working.  Sheesh.)

Complete cue sheets for this episode are available here.  For reasons of time, AT40 would occasionally shorten songs by removing a chorus or verse, so with each song, I'll give a comparison of the single time to the approximate playing time the song received on AT40 that week. Each side includes 3 segments, which include Casey and music followed by national ads and space for local ads.


After introducing himself , Casey tells us that for five consecutive weeks, this next song as been at #10.

#10: "Take It Away" by Paul McCartney (peaked at #10): single length 3:59/AT40 playing time 3:48

After backselling the song (Casey was the master of the backsell IMO): "Nine big ones to number one and counting down!"

The 30 second ad for the Pitfall video game cartridge gets yet another playing (that's 6 times this episode, if you're counting), followed by a 30 second ad for sugar free Certs Silver, followed by 60 seconds of time reserved for local ads.


We learn the next song is the first top ten hit for the Alan Parsons Project.

#9: "Eye in the Sky" by the Alan Parsons Project (peaked at #3): 3:54/3:49

The Alan Parsons Project is one of six English acts in this week's countdown.  The next song hit #1 in Canada and spent 4 weeks at #2 here in the US.

#8: "Hurts So Good" by John Cougar (peaked at #2): 3:35/3:28

Casey tells us that was the oldest record in the countdown, currently in its 18th week (it would stay in the Top 40 for a total of 22 weeks).

LDD tease: "Coming up: a long distance dedication from a woman in Arizona to her man.  A man she believes deserves better."

A 30 second spot for new raspberry flavored Bubblicious followed by 90 seconds allotted for local ads.

"We're comin' to ya from Hollywood!"  Being clever, Casey points out that the next act "hold their place in the top ten."

#7: "Hold Me" by Fleetwood Mac  (peaked at #4): 3:42/3:31

The second long distance dedication of the program is from Barbara in Greenwood, Arizona.  Her husband Scott is beaten down by life and has worked many jobs to support the family and occasionally finds fault in his wife, but when he's on, he finds those faults beautiful.  She wants him to know how much she cares for him and loves him.

LDD: "When He Shines" by Sheena Easton (peaked at #30 earlier in 1982): 3:57/3:46

30 second ad for Haggar Bodyworks menswear. 90 seconds allotted for local ads and 10 seconds for station ID.

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